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Integrate ITSM via agosense.symphony

agosense.symphony - our platform for ALM Tool Integration & automated B2B Data Exchange - enables the integration of common IT service management tools to best-of-breed AlM tools and thus the integration of ITSM into the product development process.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a kind of bridge between the end users of IT services or products and the experts on side of the provider. The wishes and requirements of the customer play a central role here. The aim is to integrate customer and service orientation, i.e. the support of a company's business processes, into the IT infrastructure in the best possible way and to follow certain guidelines and objectives (including ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000).

With the agosense.symphony tool integration platform, agosense enables the integration of the IT service management tool you use, such as e.g. Salesforce or ServiceNow, with the software delivery tools in use and thus the seamless integration of ITSM into your product development process

Your usual product lifecycle flow can remain with the ALM tools already used by your developers. agosense.symphony handles the synchronization of items, change requests, defects, requirements etc. with the relevant incidents or tickets automatically in the background.

All persons involved in the process work exclusively in their favorite tool and get the required information there. This eliminates possible sources of error when copy-pasting information from one tool to another. In addition, communication between the people involved via chats and e-mails outside the tool chain is no longer necessary. Instead, communication takes place directly in the tools already in use, which means that each processing step remains traceable in terms of the above-mentioned guidelines (Traceability). Support and developers work together without leaving their respective tool, productivity is increased.

As an example we have the bidirectional integration of the ITSM tool ServiceNow and Codebeamer as ALM tool via agosense.symphony in a typical workflow: 



Beside the synchronization Salesforce and ServiceNow, agosense.symphony also offers the integration of ITSM tools like BMC Remedy ARS, Omninet Omnitracker, Software AG alphabet.

Using agosense.symphony you can integrate your desired ITSM tool with various ALM tools.

Thereby you benefit from the advantages of the easy connection with agosense.symphony ONE:
Thanks to our new Point & Click configuration you can start without programming knowledge within minutes. You configure your project with a few mouse clicks in our wizard, access predefined workflows and customize them according to your own needs. The dashboard gives you an overview of the synchronization processes, which are of course also optimized for mobile devices with the option of barrier-free operation.

You can trust on agosense with 15 years of experience in Development Tool Integration and B2B Data Exchange – enabling hundreds of successful projects with various customers.

Contact us directly to discuss your individual situation & needs ◹ or

 learn more about IT service management integration into your product development process via agosense.symphony - including the practical example of ServiceNOW & Codebeamer -with our webinar recording:

"Integrate your ITSM & Software Delivery Tools with agosense.symphony ONE" ◹

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