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B2B Data Exchange

◹ agosense.symphony enables B2B Data Exchange with development partners, suppliers or customers. Synchronize tickets and automate data flows bi-directionally with external development tools, ALM platforms and OEM supplier portals like from BMW, Daimler / Mercedes-Benz, Porsche & Volkswagen.

Integrate OEM Portals & ALM Tools

Automate the implementation of the specified workflows while taking your own development processes into account.

Connect your in-house best-of-breed development tools like 
Atlassian Jira • Codebeamer • IBM Doors Next • Microfocus ALM Octane • Microsoft Azure • Siemens Polarion & more 

with OEM portals or supplier platforms like
BMW TAEESI • Mercedes-Benz / Daimler GSEP • Mercedes-Benz / Daimler STARC • Porsche KPM • Porsche PFIFF • Volkswagen KPM & more 

agosense.symphony customers have successfully integrated hundreds of projects directly with OEM portals for nearly 15 years.

Automated Data Exchange with OEM Supplier Portals


In addition to system access, the OEM usually also defines a specific process or workflow for communication between the two partners. This means that the following requirements, among others, are made when connecting to a supplier portal:

  • Automated synchronisation without manual intervention
  • Technical adaptation to the portal-specific formats or interfaces
  • Multiple use of technology for all projects/development departments
  • Simple adaptation to the OEM's specified processes - even in the case of changes
  • Independence from own defect tracking or change management tool
  • Coordination of specified processes with own workflows
  • Reliability of the technology, even with high data volumes and synchronization intervals


The agosense.symphony solution, designed for automated data exchange in the automotive sector, fulfils all these requirements and combines the advantages of a fast implementation with easy maintainability for future changes and adaptations:

  • Consistent data management on customer and supplier side
  • Constant availability of up-to-date information on both sides
  • Relief for developers: concentration on their core business, no additional tools
  • Less coordination effort with customers
  • Higher quality through reduction of manual error sources
  • Lower costs and higher productivity through the elimination of manual data maintenance of several external systems
  • Flexible standard software - quick adaptation for new projects or departments without programming
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With agosense.symphony, we were able to register increased satisfaction among our employees after only a short time and have also received positive feedback and requests for the integration of further projects from our customer.

Christoph Ackermann • Software-Engineering Tools and Methods • Marquardt GmbH

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