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Agile Development • DevOps • Agile Project Management

agosense.fidelia is a platform for the entire agile development process, DevOps organization and agile project management.

From planning to deployment, all components are continuously integrated, which eliminates the need of manual information transfer, reducing errors and improving collaboration.

agosense.fidelia pipelines make it possible to fully automate the build and deployment process (DevOps Automation) - with integrated support for all common tools and programming languages.

Clear overviews simplify agile planning and allow to e.g. directly drag & drop the backlog into all running or already planned sprints.

Complete End-to-End Platform

From planning to deployment, all components are integrated: Requirements Management, Backlogs, Sprints, Boards, Reports, GIT-based Repository, Pipelines, Build & Test Management, Packaging and Deployment.

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Continuous Integration

Commits in the GIT repository and information from the pipelines (build / test results) are displayed directly in the user stories and all the important details are available within a single mouse click.

DevOps Automation

agosense.fidelia pipelines allow to completely automate your build and deployment process. 

Suitable for any programming language like Java, Go or Typescript, agosense.fidelia pipelines offer built-in support for all major build and dependency tools like Maven, Gradle, npm or Yarn. The YAML-based configuration guarantees quite a maximum of configuration possibilities and allows to add own extensions if needed.

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Clear Agile Planning

With agosense.fidelia you always have an overview of your agile development - it couldn't be clearer.

You can schedule your backlog into all running or already planned sprints via drag & drop using one single interface - without the need to switch between different sprint views. 

The overview immediately shows you whether the originally planned effort (Effort Points) matches the assigned tickets.

SCRUM Workflow

The entire process in the planning and work part of the agile platform agosense.fidelia is based on SCRUM and is preconfigured accordingly.

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Intuitive Ease of Use

agosense.fidelia offers a user interface based on Microsoft Apps, responsive design, different language settings and is mostly barrier-free.

Integration of Classic Development Planning

You want to create classical requirements documents or exchange data directly with business partners - also via standards like ReqIF? 

With agosense.fidelia you can also create structured requirements documents collaboratively at the same time, record work statuses and releases per reproducible baseline and hand them over to your agile development.

More about ReqIF Data Exchange with agosense.fidelia ◹

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On Premise?

You want to decide where your data is stored?

With us, you always have the free choice - on premise in your own environment or in your private cloud. 

Or conveniently hosted by agosense in modern secure high-performance data centers of renowned providers with data storage in your preferred region?

More about agosense.fidelia License Options ◹

Automate Agile Development with agosense.fidelia -
The individual Components


Full integration with the agosense.fidelia repository ensures a maximum automation.

Each commit is visible in the User Stories and triggers the necessary steps to create the content. 

Pull and merge requests then integrate and test the whole software product.


Pipeline activities and results are directly available in agosense.fidelia agile.

At a glance, see how user stories, bugs or tasks have been implemented in the agile product. 

More valuable information is displayed if, for example, a build, test or deployment error has occurred.


agosense.fidelia pipelines also fully support your cloud stack. 

Image creation, publishing to registries (e.g. Docker Hub) and generating Helm Charts is automated. 

This allows you to deploy releases to your Kubernetes cluster without manual interventions.

agosense.fidelia as DevOps Tool

With agosense.fidelia as a DevOps and CI/CD tool, you can move your development forward based on the DevOps lifecycle - from plan(ung) to deploy(ment). 

In the agosense.fidelia repository, commits could trigger content creation thanks to the complete integration.

Clear overviews in agosense.fidelia agile ensure that all progress with smallest details and valuable information is always accessible.

agosense.fidelia pipelines allow to completely automate the build and deployment process - with integrated support for all common tools and programming languages.


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