... Requirements Management for agile and classically managed product development. Lightweight • ready to use • modern usability concept and UNBEATABLE PRICE PERFORMANCE.


Requirements Management made easy!

Does a requirements management solution always have to be feature overloaded, complicated and expensive? No, of course not - with agosense.fidelia your users work in a tidy and familiar usability logic for Windows users. Even large documents can be processed really performantly. And all this at an unbeatable price.

Does that sound interesting? Then you should definitely take a look at agosense.fidelia.

Clear and simple usability

The look and feel of the agosense.fidelia interface is based on the Microsoft web standard. This means that users experience a familiar usability logic - on any operating system and browser.

Unbeatable pricing

ALM tools and tools for requirements management are extremely expensive with almost all providers. We want to change that with agosense.fidelia and offer a fair licensing model at extremely attractive prices.

Responsive • barrier-free • multilingual

With the help of state-of-the-art web technologies, the agosense.fidelia interface is also suitable for use on tablets and touch-enabled notebooks. International teams are supported by different language settings. In addition, the operation is largely barrier-free.

Integrated ReqIF data exchange

You want to exchange requirements documents with development partners, suppliers or customers? No problem - agosense.fidelia supports the ReqIF standard for roundtrip data exchange completely and directly in the product.

More about ReqIF with agosense.fidelia ◹

Teamwork in real time

Your teams can of course also work together on requirements documents at the same time without disturbing each other. The users see their colleagues' changes to the individual requirements immediately in real time. A regulated workflow is guaranteed.

Traceability and versioning

agosense.fidelia offers document baselines that can be restored at any time, including extensive comparison options. In addition, all changes are recorded and listed in the History View in a comprehensible way at any time.

Powerful search functions

Finding and reusing information is more important today than ever before. Extensive search functions at all levels - for example in folders, projects, documents, tables of contents, etc. - make work much easier.


A decisive criteria for user acceptance is the performance on the screen. The architecture of agosense.fidelia is built in such a way that scrolling and jumping - even through large documents - takes place smoothly and without jerking.