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Development Tool Integration • Traceability • Value Stream Management • Data Flow Automation • B2B Data Exchange 

agosense.symphony supports you to create a highly automated development tool chain integrating your best-of-breed ALM tools like Atlassian Jira • Codebeamer • IBM Engineering Products • Microfocus ALM Octane • Microsoft Azure • Siemens Polarion & more.

Furthermore agosense.symphony enables B2B Data Exchange with your development partners by e.g. connecting your development with OEM supplier portals like BMW TAEESI • Mercedes-Benz / Daimler STARC / GSEP • Porsche PFIFF • Volkswagen KPM & more.

Development Tool Integration with agosense.symphony improves communication, productivity and quality which enables End-to-End Traceability and Value Stream Management (VSM).

With agosense.symphony ONE ALM Tool Integration projects can be configured within minutes - without tedious programming. The flow wizards contains our experience from nearly 15 years in this sector.

Data Flow Automation

Data can be synchronized demand-driven or automatically, each step of data flow can be automated.
Every functional area, each user has the currently relevant information at the hand - in the commonly used tool. Communication and efficiency improve as manual interventions are no longer necessary.

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End-to-End Traceabilty & Value Stream Management

As data flows are automized, the quality and productivity of each development step increase by itself.
agosense.symphony Dashboards make all processes visible and provide a clear overview with all insights. This enables Value Stream Management and End-to-End Traceability for the entire development tool chain.

Fastest implementation with Point & Click configuration

agosense.symphony ONE can be configured within minutes. The flow wizards - containing all our experience from nearly 15 years of ALM Tool Integration - offers easy Point & Click configuration to create projects without tedious programming.

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Scalability even for the largest projects

agosense.symphony is suitable for any project size and grows with your requirements. Our unique cluster technology supports you even in the most complex tasks. Individual needs can also be configured and implemented.

State-of-the-art IT technology for low operating costs

Support for current technologies such as Docker, virtualization or responsive design and accessibility make implementation simple and secure with high user acceptance.


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Affordable pricing model without hidden costs

Fair pricing model with pure server-based licensing and no limit on number of users, projects or connections. Take your choice of our various integration options.


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Internal and cross-company integrations will be focus of IT in the coming years. With an open integration platform like agosense.symphony, we hope to be well prepared for the future.

Christoph Ackermann • Software-Engineering Tools and Methods • Marquardt GmbH

ALM / Development Tool Integration

agosense.symphony integrates best-of-breed ALM tools like Atlassian Jira • BMC Ramedy • IBM Engineering Products • Intland Codebeamer • Microfocus ALM Octane • Microsoft Azure • Salesforce • ServiceNow • Siemens Polarion & more to a highly automated development tool chain. 

Development Tool Integration with agosense symphony automates data flows and improves communication, productivity and quality. End-to-End Traceability & Value Stream Management (VSM) are now easy to handle.


Automated B2B Data Exchange

agosense.symphony enables uncomplicated automated B2B Data Exchange with your development partners, suppliers or customers - even across company boundaries. 

Connect your in-house development management with e.g. OEM supplier portals like BMW TAEESI • Mercedes-Benz GSEP • Mercedes-Benz STARC • Porsche KPM • Porsche PFIFF • Volkswagen KPM & more to automate data flows and implement bi-directional ticket exchange.