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agosense.symphony Version 3.7.3

agosense.symphony Version 3.7.3 is now available.

We summarized the most important new functionality for you:

Support for multi-state-transitions

This function is used to cover exceptional cases in which the sync user or agosense.symphony should not have the necessary permissions for performing all status transitions directly.

Here is a short example for such an use case:

Sometimes it might be necessary to set a state directly from "Open" to "Closed" where all intermediate states should be skipped, even that the state transition rules in the ALM tool would not allow this. These use cases happen mostly, when exchanging data with third parties and the state models between the parties cannot be matched completely.

So with the new agosense.symphony solution the state transitions can stored in agosense.symphony using our extension technology. The logic then searches for the shortest route to the target state and can set this directly.

Additionally, all mandatory attributes required for each intermediate state transition are also stored in the agosense.symphony attribute mapping and will be set automatically.

If you are interested in this powerful function, please contact us at any time.
We would be happy to demonstrate this feature to you in detail during a web session.

As usual, customers can find all changes in the changelog. 

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