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New features March 2020

In this blog post we would like to gather our news from the agosense.technote section for March 2020 - this time some new versions of existing adapters. Below the headlines, you will find the most important changes in short form.

New adapter parent POM 4.5.17 available

  • New annotations to have better control over the OpenAPI generation
  • Simplified bundle import customization through the following properties:
    • custom.imports.api
    • custom.imports.impl
    • custom.imports.jbi

New IBM Rational Doors adapter 4.4.10 available

  • Fixed classpath problem related to FOP

New Atlassian Jira adapter 4.4.13 available

  • Handle case where comment auther has no key, display name or email address
  • Handle case where multi-user pick entry has not user key
  • Handle case where single-user pick entry has not user key

New ASAM adapter 4.5.3 available

  • Additional properties are available to be used inside the groovy script

New Mercedes-Benz / Daimler STARC adapter 4.6.4 available

  • Support for creation of tickets in the Inbox
  • Support for both V2 and V3 interface
  • Enhanced debugging capabilities

New VW KPM GSB adapter 4.1.6 available

  • Added support for MTOM

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