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New features January 2020

In this blog post we would like to gather our news from the agosense.technote section for January 2020 - this time new versions of agosense.symphony (3.2.1) and agosense.fidelia (1.8.19) as well as new versions of various adapters. Below the headlines, you will find the most important changes in short form.

New agosense.symphony 3.2.1 version is available

agosense.symphony 3.2.1 is a service release.  We highly recommend to apply it ASAP. Updaters and installers available for download.

  • Improvements of the logging default configuration - improved log rotation
  • Correct order for config parameters - better usability
  • Experimental REST API access for the new 2nd generation persistence module - play with it
  • Improved slot release in case of session creation/destruction failure - prevents queue blocking
  • Improvement of the behavior of the attribute checksum calculation - less updates in syncs

New adapter parent POM 4.5.16 available

In this version we have dropped the extra deployment step to our external maven repository.  We have further decided to deactivate the external maven repository effectively end of January 2020 and consolidate everything in the internal maven repository.  As a consequence, you can already start dropping any reference to the external repository in your settings.xml.

New Siemens Polarion adapter 4.5.1 released

  • Verified against Polarion 19.2 version
  • Java-enabled, compatible with agosense.symphony 3.2+
  • Java high-level API available
  • Attributes selectable in the mapping module
  • Improved error messages and verifications
  • Documentation updated and refreshed

New PTC Integrity (PTC Windchill RV&S) 4.5.19 version available

  • Name of the project field is configurable for customers that renamed the standard field

New IBM Rational Team Concert adapter 4.4.3 available

  • Comments can now contain XML fragments

New Atlassian Jira adapter 4.4.12 available

  • Deprecated support for Atlassian Jira 6 removed
  • Added DisplayName and EmailAddress to response of getIssue for fields of type user/userpicker
  • Handle custom field with conflict name only by the unique ID

New version agosense.fidelia 1.8.19 available

  • Atlassian Jira integration improved:
    • Issue creation and update screens are now auto-configured
    • Support for custom fields
  • Sheet filter & Sheet usability improvements, better multi-select capabilities
  • Experimental GraphQL support
  • New Fidelia Jira Plugin version 2.0 is available ( & required for customers that want to update fidelia to 1.8.19 version):
    • Workflow triggers are now available as post functions, the existing validators are deprecated and will be removed in the next release
    • Compatibility with Atlassian Jira 8.6

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