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Microfocus Octane Adapter for agosense.symphony ONE

As part of our overall strategy to extend the integration capabilities of agosense.symphony ONE we are proud to present the new Microfocus ALM Octane adapter with agosense.symphony 3.4.5. The new adapter has been verified based on the latest Octane version 16.0.400.

With adding the Microfocus Octane adapter to our offering, you are just seconds away from integrating your ALM Octane driven projects with projects in other tools like Atlassian Jira, Intland Codebeamer, Microsoft Azure and many more.

As the variety of tools in organisations is still increasing, integrating data silos is becoming more critical than ever. There are a lot of plug-ins and integrations on the market, but with agosense symphony ONE you can rely on a platform that covers all your integration needs centrally for your complete business. And in today's agile world, it is key to set up projects quick and adopt to changes fast.

Just connect the projects, configure a mapping and you are all set in a few minutes - agosense.symphony ONE will sync it for you, including file attachments and comments so that projects can dynamically collaborate with each other.

Your competitive advantage:

  • Project Setup Wizard
  • Super fast configuration in minutes
  • Customization options (e.g. Custom Queries, Extensions, etc.)

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