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Automated B2B Data Exchange with VW KPM via agosense.symphony

Did you know that agosense.symphony is the tool of choice for exchanging development data between automotive suppliers and car manufacturers/OEM's? Learn more & watch our webinar recording with the practical example of exchanging data between Atlassian Jira & Volkswagen KPM.

agosense.symphony enables completely automated and out-of-the-box ticket synchronization & data exchange processes between your internal development tool and your customers with their OEM supplier portals like BMW TAEESI • Daimler GSEP • Mercedes-Benz STARC • Porsche KPM • Porsche PFIFF • Volkswagen KPM & more. 

You can find all our integration options here ◹

Our B2B Data Exchange allows to bi-directionally synchronize all information - to send & receive all relevant updates & notifications on items, specifications, changes, error reports, status updates, up-to-date status reports and development tickets - uncomplicated, completely automated and now as well out-of-the-box with agosense.symphony ONE.

ATTENTION Porsche Suppliers! 

Porsche is moving from PFIFF to the central Volkswagen Portal "KPM" which is already in use for other brands in the Volkswagen group. This means new projects - but also some already running projects - will be exchanged via VW KPM now and in future.

Do you need to set up (new) data exchange processes with Porsche and your in-house JIRA, Codebeamer, PTC RV&S/Integrity, Polarion, IBM RTC / EWM or any other ALM tool? Do you need to migrate any existing synchronizations from Porsche PFIFF to VW KPM? Do you want to automate your defect management exchange with Porsche KPM?

agosense offers the out-of-the-box solution: 

Our tool integration & data exchange platform agosense.symphony for a seamless transformation or setting-up new exchange processes with your customers. 

agosense.symphony enables direct connection from your in-house ALM Tool of choice with VW KPM to synchronize all data completely automated & reliable:

✔ Ready out-of-the-box with minimal configuration effort 
✔ Complete automation of ticket exchange from & to your individual ALM Tool 
✔ Matching even high demands on safety & quality 
✔ Support in migrating projects from Porsche PFIFF to Volkswagen KPM
✔ Direct access to other OEM Portals 

You can trust on agosense with 15 years of experience in Development Tool Integration and B2B Data Exchange – enabling hundreds of successful projects with various customers.

Contact us directly to discuss your individual situation & needs ◹ or

Watch our webinar recording to learn more & see a practical example of exchanging data between Atlassian Jira & Volkswagen KPM ◹

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