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agosense.symphony Version 3.7

agosense.symphony Version 3.7 is now available for download.

We summarized the highlight changes for you:

KPM Adapter for agosense.symphony ONE

The availablity of this integration simplifies setting up data exchange processes with business partners. This is now also possible with the agosense.symphony ONE technology by using the flow wizard and easy configuration options.

Customized queries

We further optimized the number of items to be transferred in the sync process to optimized speed and performance by using last run time stamps. 
To find out, if your adapters already support this features, please check out the adapter sections of the changelog.

Enabled retries for failed objects

After a certain counter max, the failed objects switch into error mode and are excluded from the synchronization for enhancing speed and performance.

As usual, customers can find all changes in the changelog. 

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