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agosense.symphony Version 3.6 available

Version 3.6 of agosense.symphony is now available.  

We summarized the highlight changes for you:

Real-time synchronization
agosense.symphony ONE now supports real-time sync as an additional option to the scheduled synchronization. This means any newly created or changed item in the source endpoint system will be transferred to the target system immediately. This is possible with our new listener technology that gets triggered by any relevant event in the connected systems. As a result, users will see the changes or new items instantly in their systems, where integrations have been set up. And this will happen even without any extra load or performance impact on your applications.

General performance improvements in agosense.symphony ONE
In order to make the configuration of syncs as easy as possible, we are using mechanisms for caching meta data information from the endpoint systems. This mechanism has been improved significantly for much better overall performance.
Additionally we are now injecting time stamp information to our item query logic, which helps to minimize the synchronization data volume and maximize performance.

Integration enhancements for agosense.symphony ONE and CLASSIC
Many improvements have been applied to different integration adapters for Atlassian Jira, Salesforce, Broadcom Rally Software, PTC Windchill RV&S and Microfocus ALM Octane.

As usual, customers can find all changes in the changelog. 

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