agosense.fidelia - Requirements Management & Traceability

Pricing on premise - hosted on your own server.

Subscription licenses - price per month, paid anually

Named License

Floating License

50 Euro

162 Euro

Perpetual licenses - buy once, unlimited usage

Named License

Floating License

990 Euro

3.190 Euro

Licensing Q&A

What licensing option is the right one for me?

If you want to own the right for using the software without any time limit, you should choose for perpetual licenses. 

If you want to keep investment and cash flow low or you need licenses for time limited projects, then subscription licenses are the right choice for you.

How do perpetual and subscription licenses differ?

Subscription licenses can only be used for the time you subscribe for (minimum is one year). The price already includes maintenance & support services.

Perpetual licenses can be used without any time limitation. Pricing does not include maintenance & support fee.
This is mandatory for the first year and is charged at 20% of the license price per year.

How do named and floating licenses differ?

Floating licenses are a pool of licenses which can be used by your team dynamically. The number of floating licenses determines the number of users that can be logged in at the same time. 

Named licenses are dedicated to users in order to ensure these users have always access to agosense.fidelia at any time.

Can I mix named and floating licenses?

Yes, both license types can be mixed at any ratio.

Is maintenance & support services included?

Subscription licenses: yes, pricing already includes maintenance & support service.
Perpetual licenses: no, pricing does not include maintenance & support, first year maintenance & support service is mandatory at 20% of the license price. Subsequent years are optional. 

Please note, that only with a current maintenance & support contract you will receive product updates and hotline support.

Are the licenses bound to a geographical location?

No, licenses are valid worldwide. 

Whereever your agosense.fidelia server is located, users from all over the world can log in and work with the product, regardless of their physical geographic location.

Which discounts do you offer?

Please contact us for volume discounts or site or company licenses. 

Even that we have a very favorable pricing, we honor your need for larger license volumes.

Do you offer pricing in local currencies?

Yes, you can also pay in US Dollars or Swiss Franks. 

Please contact our sales team for international pricing via contact form, email oder phone at +49.7154.99951.77.

agosense.symphony - Tool Integration & Data Exchange

agosense.symphony is offered in different editions and configurations according to your individual wishes. In order to be able to provide you a personal offer, please contact us directly.

Licensing Q&A

What licensing is offered for agosense.symphony?

agosense.symphony is always licensed server based (machine based).

This means that you can serve any number of users, tool instances, projects, etc. with one server license.
This also means that you can connect several installations of the same tool at the same time (e.g. several Jira servers) with one license.

Do I always have to buy all adapters?

No, you can license each adapter as needed.

If you need more tool adapters at a later date, you can simply purchase them as well.
We also have special offers for customers who only want to integrate two tools.