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Webinar "Development Tool Integration & B2B Data Exchange with agosense.symphony"

Our latest webinar "Tool Integration & B2B Data Exchange with agosense.symphony •Data Flow Automation between Atlassian Jira & Microsoft Azure DevOps" from May 07, 2024 is now available on-demand.

Level up your software development and delivery lifecycle
agosense.symphony is the platform for intelligent application integration that helps you to enhance traceability and compliance by connecting your data silos, enable seamless collaboration between your teams and speed up your software delivery and maintenance. Discover how easy it is to integrate your best-of-breed development tools like Azure, Codebeamer, IBM ELM, Jira, Octane, Polarion, Remedy, Salesforce, ServiceNow & more.

Streamline your data exchange & maximizing efficiency
Match even highest demands on safety & quality - automate your B2B Development Data Exchange with your automotive partners and supplier portals like Mercedes-Benz STARC, BMW TAEESI & VW KPM to synchronize tickets and automate data flows bi-directionally.

Discover through example & gain insights to optimize your operations
Follow our practical example of integrating Atlassian Jira & Microsoft Azure DevOps via agosense.symphony to an automated development tool chain – set-up within minutes. You'll discover how agosense.symphony facilitates seamless data exchange, enabling you to automate workflows and enhance collaboration.

Ready for an efficiency upgrade to innovate your development lifecycle? 

Watch the recording of this webinar on YouTube:

Tool Integration & B2B Data Exchange with agosense.symphony • 
Data Flow Automation between Atlassian Jira & Microsoft Azure DevOps

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