Change controlled Requirements Management with modern architecture, extremely performant and deeply integrated in your tool environment. Better overview by connection of traceability information across all tools.

Change Based Requirements Management

Requirements Management has long ceased to be a separate independent discipline in the product development process. But now requirements are reused, changed and for example linked to Use Case models and Test Cases. This is exactly where our requirements management platform agosense.fidelia comes into its own.

When creating or reviewing requirements documents, "Change Sets" record exactly detailed every change. That means that every step of the change process - in conjunction with a Change Management Tool - can be fully planned and traced. And even before the documents are reviewed, agosense.fidelia will show the impacts and any changes necessary for other depending artefacts.

Cross Domain Traceability

agosense.fidelia can also be used as a "Data Warehouse" to keep a centralised overview of all relevant development data. 

The platform enables the creation and maintenance of connections (links, traces) between all artefacts simply via drag & drop. The connected information (e.g. requirements, test cases, UML models) are visible to everyone involved in the process (developers, project leaders, managers, auditors) in a single interface - even better by using our split screen technology. 

Thanks to the integration capabilities with almost any current ALM tools, agosense.fidelia enables the traceability overview and connection of information across all domains of the entire development process.

agosense.fidelia offers outstanding functionality out of the box and open interfaces to provide a deeply integration into existing development environments. Regardless of whether you work with classic or agile methods, agosense.fidelia improves communication within the company and business partners as well.


High ease of use

One of the key design considerations for agosense.fidelia is to support users in their daily work.

A range of actions - such as automatic versioning, calculated attribute values, work flow rules, plausibility checks and much more - can be predefined, meaning that users no longer have to deal with those issues themselves and get their essential core tasks done faster and more accurately.

The handling of agosense.fidelia is realy simple and intuitive, so usually there will be no need for user training.

Seamless integration into your tool environment

The integration into existing tool environments is an essential element of today's requirement management. agosense.symphony has already shown us to be experts in this area and agosense.fidelia also gives you all the necessary functions to seamlessly integrate your whole tool chain. 

For clients who regularly exchanging requirements documents with their business partners, agosense.fidelia also supports the ReqIF standard and offers import and export possibilities for a big range of other formats.

Better overview & identification of impacts

The unique opportunities with Split Screen and Trace View provided by agosense.fidelia give you a better overview while working. 

Built in Impact Analysis identifies consequences and impacts on changes in advance.

Coordinate team work & improve quality

Collaborative work on documents, implicit recording of all changes and an integrated release process simplify team work and improve product quality through optimal traceability of every preceding process.

Best performance & high availability included

Quick reaction times, particularly for large amounts of data, greatly improve ease of use and therefore also user acceptance. 

Our combination of most modern database technology and scalable high performance server architecture (including automated load balancing) makes agosense.fidelia the most powerful and fastest solution for your requirements management.

Meet regulatory requirements

The unique possibilities agosense.fidelia offers for the creation and presentation of dependencies provide you with the best conditions for compliance in regulated industries. Ready-made solution templates (e.g. for ISO 26262) help implementing these requirements quickly.

Low overall cost

Compared to other providers agosense.fidelia does not just offer an extremely competitive licensing model, but also guarantees a considerable cost saving potentials regarding hard- and software thanks to its modern server and database architecture. 

Compared to other tools on the market, overall costs can be cut to a minimum


​Integrated Requirements Management

Each step of creating or changing a requirements document takes place in a working version of a document. It is automatically recorded down to the smallest detail in so called "Change Sets". 

These Change Sets can be linked to tasks, change requests, user stories, etc. from your ALM tool. This ensures that the changes that have actually been made can always be compared to original plans. 

These can then be released in a separate step - for example after review or before a sprint - for the official version of a document.

Impact Warnings

Changes to artefacts automatically generate a warning to linked artefacts. The warning contains information about the origin and content of the triggering change. Of course, it is possible to search or filter specific impact warnings in a sheet.­

Trace Columns

Traces to objects are displayed in a separate column directly in the sheet view (trace type, number of traces, ...). To display for example test coverage or missing traces, you can filter of accordingly. This is far more enhanced compared to usual Traceability Matrices.

Reviews & Releases

Based on the recorded changes, agosense.fidelia allows the execution of dedicated reviews and release processes for new or changed requirements. 

Thus, comments and notes - even for multi-tiered reviews until the desired result has been achieved - ensure direct communication between author and reviewer.

Document and Solution Templates

agosense.fidelia enables the creation of an extensive range of document templates and complete solution templates.

These templates can be made available at a centralised location, to define pre-set attributes, workflow and dependency rules and even document structures across the different levels.

Document Generation, Export & Import Functionality

You would like to import or export  your requirements documents in specific file formats for archiving, exchange or other purpose? No problem!

agosense.fidelia supports exporting a range of data formats, such as HTML, PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, ReqIF, etc.. Of course also the use tables of contents, glossaries and many other individual formatting options is supported.

Real-Time Collaboration

Do your users work on a shared document at the same time? Changes made by any user will be shown to all active users immediately in the document. 

Of course agosense.fidelia prevents from conflicts by concurrent editing and thus ensures perfect collaboration between users in different locations.

Split Screen Trace View

Requirements are usually linked to other artefacts in the development cycle, such as UML models or test cases. 

agosense.fidelia assists users by offering a special split screen mode to display these artefacts side by side, allowing connections to be established by drag & drop.

Intuitive Editing & Navigation

agosense.fidelia combines the structured capturing of requirements with the ease of use experienced in commonly available office products for word processing and spreadsheet applications. 

This ensures, that the transition to agosense.fidelia will always be easy - regardless of which products your teams have used in the past.

Baselines, Branching & Merging

agosense.fidelia automatically records every change to an artefact. 

In addition, baselines and branches of requirements documents can be created and compiled with just a few mouse clicks (Merging). This makes it easier to define and manage product variants and versions. 

Of course agosense.fidelia offers extensive features to compare document branches and versions in different ways.

Versioned Traces

The automated versioning and creation of baselines ensures that documents are archived in their specific version. 

agosense.fidelia goes even one step further: links and traces are also versioned and stored revision-safe within the baselines for later reproduction.

Extension via Plug-In Architecture

Part of agosense.fidelia is an extensive plug-in architecture based on open standards. 

You can extend agosense.fidelia for example by own menu options, specific functions or processes that go beyond the standard scope.

And much more ...

  • Configuration Management
  • Dashboards, Reports & Metrics
  • Comprehensive filter & search options
  • User-specific Views 
  • Drag & drop for file attachments, pictures, etc.


Integrate ...

Tools agosense Integration Adapter

agosense.fidelia uses this technology to link or synchronize data with any application.