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Integrating Codebeamer via agosense.symphony

Codebeamer - formerly known as Intland Codebeamer, now based at PTC - offers numerous configuration options for managing product lines and compliance with complex processes in software and systems development. Now an established ALM platform in modern product development, Codebeamer has become essential and indispensable for many companies.

This makes it all the more important to smoothly integrate Codebeamer into the entire development tool chain as well as to seamlessly enable communication between developers and the various functional areas of product development and maintenance. 

For this, agosense offers the perfect solution with the tool integration platform agosense.symphony: automated data synchronization, running invisibly in the background and implemented within minutes. This prevents media breaks and makes error-prone, manual copy/paste actions obsolete.

Are you already using Codebeamer in software and systems development? Do you want to connect Codebeamer with other tools in your development chain? Are you looking for a link between Codebeamer and, for example, Atlassian Jira, IBM Rational Tools, Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow or other software development tools? Or, as a supplier company in the automotive industry, are you dependent on exchanging data securely and smoothly with your customers around the topics of defect, test and requirements management? In summary: Would you like to fully automate your data flows and development processes around Codebeamer?

Then you can use agosense.symphony to integrate Codebeamer with various ALM tools, such as Atlassian Jira • BMC Remedy • IBM Engineering Products • Microfocus ALM Octane • Microsoft Azure • ServiceNow • Siemens Polarion • & many more. ◹ All Codebeamer integrations via agosense.symphony

Synchronize your data from the different development domains, such as Requirements Management Quality Management Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) IT Service Management (ITSM) Project Management & more, completely automated, rule-based and without manual intervention.

Your familiar workflows with the ALM tools already used by your developers can remain in place, you simply integrate Codebeamer into the process and synchronize or link the data from your other "best-of-breed" tools. agosense.symphony takes care of the synchronization of items, change requests, defects, requirements etc. with the relevant incidents or tickets automatically in the background.

All persons involved in the process work exclusively in their favorite tool and receive the required information there. There are no possible sources of error when copying/pasting information from one tool to another or when the people involved communicate via chats and e-mails outside their tool chain. Also in terms of traceability, each processing step remains traceable within the tools used. Support and developers work together without leaving their respective tools. Productivity and quality are increased.

As an example we have a diagram of a bidirectional integration of the ITSM tool ServiceNow and Codebeamer as ALM tool via agosense.symphony ONE in a typical workflow:



To go with this, you can also find a commented video of the "Integration of Codebeamer & ServiceNow via agosense.symphony" ◹ in our webinar recording.

agosense.symphony ONE is very easy to implement and thanks to our new point & click configuration you can start within minutes without any programming knowledge. You configure your project with a few mouse clicks via the wizard, access predefined workflows and can customize them according to your own needs if required. Using the dashboard, you can keep track of the synchronization processes, of course also optimized for mobile devices with the option of barrier-free operation. You can find a video about this here. ◹

As another example video you are welcome to watch the integration of Codebeamer & IBM EWM (formerly IBM Rational Team Concert/ IBM RTC): "Integrating Codebeamer – IBM EWM / IBM RTC via agosense.symphony" 

In addition, agosense also offers the possibility of a so-called creeping data migration from PTC Windchill RV&S to Codebeamer. Some PTC customers will certainly want to switch from PTC Windchill RV&S (formerly called PTC Integrity) to Codebeamer in the future. agosense.symphony can also support this migration, e.g. to migrate single development projects or teams step by step into the new environment instead of a risky "big bang" migration.

agosense.symphony also supports fully automated data exchange across company boundaries - for example in the automotive industry - from your in-house Codebeamer to the well-known OEM supplier portals or exchange platforms of car manufacturers like BMW TAEESI • Mercedes-Benz GSEP • Mercedes-Benz STARC • Porsche KPM • Porsche PFIFF • Volkswagen KPM & more. 

In this special area agosense supports you as market leader for example in setting up automated defect management processes with your customers. Hereby you receive the tickets of your customers based on the agreed rules directly into your Codebeamer Tracker and can process these tickets without media breaks or manual interventions in Codebeamer and send back all relevant information (e.g. processing status, comments, attachments, queries, etc.). We will also be offering a webinar on this shortly - check back regularly on our website or sign up for our newsletter.

Would you like to learn more about our solutions and use cases with agosense.symphony? 
Contact us by phone at +49.7154.99951.0, by email at or via our contact form.◹

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