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From DanTe to STARC - the easy way with agosense.symphony!

As already communicated by Mercedes-Benz AG some time ago, the exchange of tickets and error messages via DanTe will be suspended (read only mode) and replaced by the new STARC platform in October 2020.

This means new development and maintenance efforts for many companies, which have so far connected their defect management and ALM systems to the supplier systems of Mercedes-Benz AG (and possibly other OEMs). Also the migration or change of current projects to the new platform must be considered and is not less complex.   Therefore we work very closely with the Mercedes-Benz AG team from the STARC project and will soon release an adapter for the STARC platform based on our tool integration platform agosense.symphony. 

The changes of the STARC platform compared to DanTe are significant - not only in terms of the technical connection via API, also the processes for ticket exchange will change massively.  There are also some specific issues - which are necessary for a flawless implementation - to be solved, that have not yet been finally clarified.  It is our goal to solve - together with Mercedes-Benz AG - all these challenges with our STARC adapter for agosense.symphony and to offer our customers an out-of-the-box product  that meets all requirements of Mercedes-Benz AG and their suppliers.  Our solution will offer the following advantages for you: 

  • Out-of-the-box solution and therefore no effort for development as well as maintenance of the interface - also for future changes of the STARC platform or tool API's
  • Integration of all common defect management or ALM systems such as Atlassian Jira, IBM RTC, PTC Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity), Siemens Polarion, Intland Codebeamer and many more to the STARC platform 
  • Consideration of the specified processes of Mercedes-Benz AG for STARC 
  • Individual adaptation of processes and status transitions to the specific configuration of your defect management or ALM system 
  • Minimal initial setup and adjustment effort (less than 5 days)
  • Support by agosense during the migration or transition of current projects from DanTe to STARC 
  • Configuration and operation for current and new projects with Mercedes-Benz AG can be managed by the customer himself, no further support needed by agosense after initial start-up 
  • Integration of further OEM portals on the same technological basis via agosense.symphony with the same advantages as mentioned above 
  • All supported tools and platforms can be found >> here

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