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Webinar: Development Tool Integration with agosense.symphony

Unser Basis-Webinar "Development Tool Integration with agosense.symphony" ist nun als On-Demand Webinar verfügbar.

Webinar "Development Tool Integration with agosense.symphony"

When using a best-of-breed ALM tool chain in your development organization, there might be a lack of integration or automation of data flows, information is not always at hand and traceability is mandatory.

Are you tired of putting any efforts or money in scripting or individually programmed solutions? Does your integration still work when updating one of your tools? Or would you like to customize your integration without programming?

Then you should watch this webinar!

agosense.symphony is the out-of-the-box solution for your ALM / Development Tool Integration and highly automated development tool chain:

✔ Set up and runs in minutes

✔ Always compatible with latest tool versions

✔ Customization options for special requirements 

✔ Improves communication, efficiency & quality

✔ Enables Traceability and Value Stream Management.

You can trust on agosense with 15 years of experience in Development Tool Integration and B2B Data Exchange – enabling hundreds of successful projects with various customers.

Jetzt als On-Demand-Webinar verfügbar -
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