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Webinar: B2B Data Exchange with agosense.symphony

Unsere Basis-Webinar "B2B Data Exchange with agosense.symphony" ist nun on-demand verfügbar.

Webinar "B2B Data Exchange with agosense.symphony"

As a supplier in the automotive industry, you need to exchange development tickets and issue reports with your business partners and customers – uncomplicated and automated.

You want to automate Data Exchange with OEM supplier portals like BMW TAEESI, Mercedes-Benz STARC, Mercedes-Benz GSEP, Porsche KPM, Porsche PFIFF or VW KPM?

You want to keep the tickets processed in your own ticket system without copy/paste? Ticket Import/Export and updates should be handled completely automated?

Then you should watch this webinar!

agosense.symphony enables the direct connection with your development partner to exchange all ticket data completely automated and reliable:

✔ Quick set up

✔ Direct access to OEM Portals from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Porsche & more

✔ Complete automation of ticket exchange from/to your individual system

✔ Matching even high demands on safety & quality

You can trust on agosense with 15 years of experience in Development Tool Integration and B2B Data Exchange – enabling hundreds of successful projects with various customers.

Jetzt als On-Demand-Webinar verfügbar -
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