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Webinar: Automated Ticket Exchange with Mercedes-Benz STARC

Unser Webinar "Automated Ticket Exchange with Mercedes-Benz STARC via agosense.symphony" is jetzt on-demand verfügbar.

Exchange data with ticket exchange portals like Mercedes-Benz STARC uncomplicated, completely automated - and now out-of-the box! - via agosense.symphony. 

As a supplier in the automotive industry, you need to exchange development tickets and issue reports with Mercedes-Benz on a regular basis, automated with a direct connection to your internal ticket or ALM system? 

You want to keep the tickets processed in your own ticket or ALM system without any manual copy & paste? 

Ticket Import/Export and updates should be done completely automated without any additional effort for your developers?

agosense.symphony enables the direct connection with Mercedes-Benz STARC ticket exchange portal to synchronize all relevant ticket data completely automated and reliable:

✔ Ready out-of-the-box with minimal configuration effort

✔ Complete automation of ticket exchange from and to your individual ticket or ALM system 

✔ Matching even high demands on safety & quality

✔ Direct access to other OEM Portals from BMW (TAEESI), VW (KPM), Porsche (PFIFF/KPM) & more as well 

You can trust on agosense with 15 years of experience in Development Tool Integration and B2B Data Exchange – enabling hundreds of successful projects with various customers.

Jetzt als On-Demand-Webinar verfügbar -

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