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Webinar: Integrate your tool chain with agosense.symphony

Unser November-Webinar "Integrate your tool chain with agosense.symphony - Live demo Intland Codebeamer & IBM EWM (RTC)" ist nun als On-Demand-Webinar verfügbar. 

Webinar agosense.symphony Nov 22

agosense.symphony ONE connects your best-of-breed tools to a highly automated development environment. Benefit from complete lifecycle traceability & value stream management integrating all aspects like product planning, development, testing, customer service and more.

In this webinar, we will show a live demo of the integration between Intland Codebeamer and IBM EWM (former known as Rational Team Concert / RTC)  based on agosense.symphony ONE

  • Set up & configure integration in minutes
  • Instant data flow between the tools
  • Customization options

Jetzt als On-Demand-Webinar verfügbar -
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