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Webinar: Integrate your ITSM & Software Delivery Tools with agosense.symphony ONE

Am 26. Januar 2023 um 15 Uhr findet unser nächstes Webinar statt:
"Integrate your ITSM & Software Delivery Tools with agosense.symphony ONE"

Webinar Integrate ITSM Jan 25, 2023 on 3PM

Enhance and automate the communication and information flow between your customers, service organisation and your development teams by integrating your IT Servicemanagement and Software Delivery Tools.

In this webinar we will showcase the integration between ServiceNow and Codebeamer.
With agosense.symphony ONE, integrations are set up in minutes with maximal flexibility and without coding.

Integrate ServiceNow with your software delivery toolchain right out of the box. Your service desk or support engineers can instantly communicate with your development teams and coordinate workflows without leaving their ServiceNow application, without copying/pasting information to any other development tool and without the necessity to use email, chat or any other tool outside the workflow.

The integration with agosense.symphony ONE allows the bi-directional exchange of information regarding content, status and attachments of service tickets between ServiceNow and tools like Atlassian Jira, PTC / Intland Codebeamer, Microfocus ALM, Microsoft Azure DevOps or others.

Datum: 26. Januar 2023 | 15 Uhr

Sprache: english 
Dauer: approx. 45 Minuten

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