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Summer is still a long time coming, but we have put together a few highlights for you:

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New adapter for agosense.symphony: Sparx Enterprise Architect Pro Cloud Server

The adapter for Sparx Enterprise Architect Pro Cloud Server is currently under development and will be released shortly. Especially customers who use the "EA" adapter in a multi-user environment will benefit from switching to the Pro Cloud Server.

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agosense.fidelia 1.8.15 available

The new version 1.8.15 is now available and includes the following highlights:
  • OIDC Support
  • Improved Trace Reports
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Änderungsbasiertes Anforderungsmanagement mit agosense.fidelia
May 21, 2019 | 3PM - 4PM | Language: German

Gilt es Anforderungen zu strukturieren, Änderungen nachvollziehbar zu dokumentieren, Verlinkungen zu anderen Entwicklungswerkzeugen herzustellen und einen Überblick für alle Beteiligten zu schaffen, stößt man bei der Nutzung von klassischen Office Produkten wie MS Word und Excel schnell an deren Grenzen.

Der Einsatz einer professionellen Requirements Management Lösung wie agosense.fidelia hingegen, ermöglicht strukturiertes und vorausschauendes Arbeiten auf einer intuitiv bedienbaren Benutzeroberfläche, die den Umstieg für alle Anwender leicht macht.

In diesem Webinar zeigen wir Ihnen die typischen Abläufe eines Änderungsprozesses sowie die Basiskonzepte von agosense.fidelia anhand eines Praxisbeispiels und beantworten gerne Ihre konkreten Fragen.

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ALM Tool Integration with agosense.symphony
May 22, 2019 | 3PM - 4PM | Language: English

We will present a solution with the tool integration and data exchange platform agosense.symphony. With agosense.symphony, you can integrate your existing development tools into a continuous process chain - from requirements management to system modeling, test mangement, change & defect management up to version control and many other disciplines. In this webinar, we will show a demonstration of integrating Atlassian Jira.

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Why is the use of a requirements management tool worthwhile?

Your initial situation may be as described below or similar: 
  • requirements are maintained in Excel tables or Word documents.
  • a structure is missing 
  • the requirements are not sufficiently coordinated with all parties involved 
  • no one knows anything about a change 
  • the communication and the cooperation of all teams is a lengthy process
  • legal regulations have to be fulfilled - e.g. for functional safety  / ISO 26262
Read how a professional requirements management tool like agosense.fidelia can help you...

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Getting the best out of Best-of-Breed

When developing products or systems, the use of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, which help to control the development process, is indispensable. 

For each discipline of the development process, there are highly specialized individual tools on the market that usually offer far more functionality than the subcomponents of a suite solution. 

A standardized tool integration platform like agosense.symphony offers a smooth integration of all tools and stakeholders:   
  • Prefabricated adapters for all tools used
  • Continuous process chain across all disciplines
  • Uniform integration technology for all tools
  • Administrative functions and suitable infrastructure for large data volumes or error behavior
  • Communication and data exchange in all common formats ensured - also with external partners ...
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5 customer tickets for the re:work smart requirements engineering

We award 5 tickets worth 2695,-- € each to interested parties and customers for re:work smart requriements engineering. The conference will take place on September 16 & 17 in Berlin.

Interested? Then get in touch with us!
Do like our successful customers and rely on our products!

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