Alternative to IBM Rational Doors - agosense.fidelia

Are you searching for an alternative or substitution for your existing Requirements Management Tool (e.g. IBM Rational Doors, PTC Integrity, Siemens Polarion, etc.)?

You worry about slow performance, cumbersome usability, enormous efforts for administration, customization and operation? License and maintenance costs are too high?

Then you should have a closer look at agosense.fidelia.

agosense.fidelia already provides of a lot of functionality, which has to be programmed extensively in other Requirements Management Tools like IBM Rational Doors:

  • Efficient baselining at consistent system performance
  • True branching & merging without creation of duplicate data
  • Implicit change history and integrated Change Management
  • Auditable and version controlled links and traces
  • Structured organization with document templates

Of course agosense.fidelia offers a lot of additional functionality which should be part of any Requirements Management Tool:

  • Multiple users can edit a single document at the same time
  • High level of usability and ease of use
  • Support of agile development with the help of our Base/Tentative concept
  • Integrated designer for reports, dashboards und document exports
  • Centrally managed access control with the option of delegated administration
  • Extensible thanks to modern plug-in architecture and API

See for yourself

Compared to other Requirements Management Tools on the market like IBM Rational Doors, PTC Integrity oder Siemens Polarion, etc., agosense.fidelia is extremely performant due to its superior architecture. Documents with thousands of requirements are no problem for agosense.fidelia. And its most modern cluster technology supports the flexible scalability needed for a large number of users.

License price and total cost

agosense.fidelia offers by far more than most other Requirements Management Tools in the market - and all this at an extremely favorable license pricing. On top of this, agosense.fidelia requires minimal efforts in regards to administration and hardware/software equipment - a fraction compared to other products.

agosense.fidelia starts from 50 Euro per month/user and is available in different license models (Subscription, Named User and Floating User).

Tool and Data Migration

agosense has many years of experience in the field of tool integration and data migration. Together with you we will work out the best migration strategy and provide excellent support during this implementation phase.