ReqIF Roundtrip with agosense.fidelia

Requirements Management is an indispensable component in the development of complex systems. Manufacturers and suppliers in a wide range of industries such as automotive, rail transport or medical technology usually work closely together in defining the requirements. This makes a common database indispensable.

Since the partners work in their own closed networks with different tools, a standardised format for exchanging requirements data is necessary. This is where the OMG standardised format "ReqIF" (Requirements Interchange Format) closes the gap.


ReqIF advantages

The partner companies are independent in choosing the requirements management tool that suits them best. The common tools support ReqIF - so does agosense.fidelia. This makes it possible to exchange data between the companies without loss and thus to jointly design the development process.

This way, the partners can comment on, add to or change an initially created document in an orderly process without loss of information.

agosense.fidelia optimally supports you in importing, exporting and especially in processing changed data with our so-called Smart Import.

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Smart Import with agosense.fidelia

In addition to simple importing and exporting of requirements documents, it is above all the re-import that is crucial. This means that the supplier receives a new version of a requirements document from the manufacturer, which was previously imported.

agosense.fidelia supports this process in many ways. The history view shows all changes to the previous version of the document. agosense.fidelia automatically detects whether a document has already been imported and automatically creates a baseline before each re-import. This means that the previous and subsequent versions of the document can be compared at any time and are automatically versioned.

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