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Development cycles are getting shorter whereas at the same time requirements for quality, safety and security are increasing. Is it possible to enhance communication between automotive manufacturers and suppliers' development organizations and reduce the efforts for coordination between these partners?

Additionally, suppliers of almost every automotive manufacturer are faced with the challenge of having to use the specific platforms and communication channels provided by the OEM's for data exchange.

First and foremost they are exchanging defects or errors that are occurring during the product development process. Information about these issues have to be exchanged and synchronised across company boundaries regularly and in very short intervals.

agosense.symphony currently supports the following supplier portals helping you to implement the specified processes and to adapt them to your own development workflow: 

BMW Panama / BMW TAEESI - Daimler DanTe / Daimler STARC - Porsche PFIFF - Volkswagen KPMWeb / VW KPM GSB


The OEM usually defines the communication channel as well as a certain process or workflow for the communication between them and the suppliers. This results in the following requirements with respect to the connection to a supplier portal:

  • Automated synchronisation without manual interaction
  • Technical adaption to the portal specific formats and interfaces
  • Re-use of the exchange technology for all projects or departments
  • Simple customization of the workflows predefined by the OEM - also if these workflows are being changed
  • Independence of any defect or change management tool
  • Alignment of the given workflows with the own internal development processes
  • Reliability of technology, especially at high data volumes and high numbers of exchange intervals


agosense.symphony is especially designed for completely automated data exchange in the automotive world and fulfils all of these requirements, unifying quick implementation and easy maintenance for future changes:

  • Consistent data storage on customer and supplier side
  • Constant availability of current information on both sides
  • Relief for developers: they can concentrate on their job, not on data exchange or additional tools
  • Less effort for coordination with customers
  • Increase quality by removing error prone manual interaction
  • Lower cost and higher productivity by eliminating manual data management in different third-party systems
  • Flexible standard software allows quick customization for new projects or additional departments without programming

Our customers confirm:

"The unique selling propositon of the agosense solution? Its architecture, its standardized adapters that are specifically suited to the automobile industry and the standards used for modeling and design of the development and business processes."