Why is the use of a requirements management tool worthwhile?

Wikipedia defines requirements management as a "management task for efficient and error-free development of complex systems". It is true that "the creation of requirements by itself is not sufficient, but for the realization of a product or system the further process of requirements management is necessary" in order to be able to work successfully. 

Requirements come from all persons involved in the development & production cycle of the product or system (stakeholders) - like developers, customers, suppliers, product managers or sales and marketing managers. The arising wealth of requirements and documents - and in the ongoing process also their changes and adaptations - must be structured, traceably documented and made accessible to all participants. 

With this in mind, we would like to explain why it is worthwhile to implement this management task with the help of a professional Requirements Management Tool, because:

  • all participants should pull together
  • the product/system should contain exactly the desired and necessary requirements
  • conflicting deadlines and budget overruns should be prevented

Your initial situation may be as described below or similar: 

  • requirements are maintained in Excel tables or Word documents.
  • a structure is missing 
  • the requirements are not sufficiently coordinated with all parties involved 
  • no one knows anything about a change 
  • the communication and the cooperation of all teams is a lengthy process
  • legal regulations have to be fulfilled - e.g. for functional safety  / ISO 26262

A professional requirements management tool such as agosense.fidelia addresses exactly these points and provides a remedy in which

  • it can be seamlessly integrated into the existing tool environment in order to involve all stakeholders
  • requirements & their changes are presented in a clearly structured way
  • the user interface is intuitive to use
  • all participants can keep the overview and work foresightedly
  • the teams can work together on documents and all changes are automatically traceably recorded
  • it is scalable and can handle large amounts of data with high performance
  • it can clearly display dependencies and connections so that requirements for regulated industries can be met

You feel addressed and are looking for a solution?  

Take a look at our webinar recording  "Änderungsbasiertes Anforderungsmangement mit agosense.fidelia", in which we will show you the typical processes of a change process as well as the basic concepts of agosense.fidelia on the basis of a practical example and will also be happy to answer your specific questions.

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