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New adapters for agosense.symphony available

We have recently released the following adapters and adapter versions:

  •  Intland Codebeamer adapter Version 4.1.0 - Conversion to the Codebeamer REST-API
  •  agosense.fidelia adapter Version 4.1.0 - Adjustments to the current version agosense.fidelia 1.8.12
  • ASAM adapter Version 4.1.1. This adapter works with a variety of ASAM ISSUE formats based on the ASAM 3.0 standard (e.g. Porsche PFIFF Supplier Portal).
  • New adapter for Omninet Omnitracker. This adapter offers options for reading, creating and editing Omnitracker objects and attachments.

Overview of all available adapters

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agosense.symphony has been developed to connect the most different applications among each other. We have the right adapter for a variety of common development tools, ALM platforms and business applications.

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