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Are MS Word and MS Excel still apropriate or is there a need for a professional requirement management tool?

It is no secret that many companies still use Microsoft Word, MS Excel or even Powerpoint to capture and manage requirements for a product to be developed. And that certainly has its justification, because most employees are familiar with the handling of MS Office products and these are usually also available on every personal computer.

For relatively simple products or projects and a small number of people involved, this approach is probably quite sufficient. However, as products become more complex, the number of requirements to be managed increases and more and more people are involved in the development of the product. In the end, you quickly reach the limits of using Microsoft Office for product or system requirements management.

This manifests itself very often in these situations:

  • Overview is lost due to a multitude of copies of the documents: different versions, releases, documents sent to customers or received by the customer, country or language specific versions and so on
  • Large documents are divided into several small subdocuments to delegate editing
  • Change history is not available so that it is not possible to understand what was changed in a document or when and why
  • Documents can be deleted and edited without having control over access permissions
  • There is no proof or history for released changes or entire documents that will be the basis for implementation

... to show only a small part of the typical challenges arising. I think many of you are aware of these or other situations where using a professional tool to capture and manage requirements may be the better choice.

agosense.fidelia not only provides solutions for these situations, but also makes it easier for users of MS Office products to master the transition to a professional requirements management tool. Many functions and options in agosense.fidelia help to enhance the management of requirements and support your product development in the best possible way:

  • Ease of use similar to MS Word / MS Excel, e.g. complete keyboard short key support
  • Document templates
  • Collaborative editing of documents
  • Complete integration into your development environment (Test Management, Modeling, etc.)
  • Traceability and linking between documents or external artifacts from other tools
  • Automatic change history with the help of so called "Change Sets"
  • Baselines and branches and corresponding difference views
  • Integrated designer for reports, dashboards and document exports
  • Role-based authorization concept
    ...and many more.

In order to be able to continue using your existing requirements, we offer numerous options for importing your MS Office documents. For example, the very easy-to-use direct import of MS Word documents into agosense.fidelia. Of course, even large amounts of MS Word or Excel documents can be processed and imported automatically.

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