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agosense.symphony 3.2 - Fast implementation with templates

agosense revolutionizes the integration of development tools and the data exchange with supplier portals. From version 3.2 agosense.symphony contains numerous templates for various integration scenarios and use cases, which can be furthermore configured and adapted according to your individual needs.

Templates are available for example for the integration of:

  • Test Management and Defect Management
  • Requirements Management and Test Management
  • Requirements Management and UML Modeling
  • Internal Defect Management and OEM portals (e.g. VW KPM, BMW TAEESI, Daimler DanTe, ...)
  • and much more.

Architektur agosense.symphony 2019

These ready-made templates consider the most important use cases from our many years of experience. Further adaptations to your individual requirements can be made at any time with minimum effort. 

It has never been easier to start with agosense.symphony without having to do without the flexible configuration options.

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