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agosense.fidelia - New versions of ISO 26262 template & Jira plugin

During the summer there were some news in the product development of agosense.fidelia:

In addition to a new version of the ISO 26262 template, in particular the plugin for Atlassian Jira was extended with numerous new features.

Since the summer there is a new version of our ISO 26262 template for agosense.fidelia:
For the template "Input" a nice designed PDF export has been added. The existing PDF export for the template "Requirements" has also been revised. 

The new release of version 1.8.15 of the Atlassian Jira plugin for agosense.fidelia offers numerous new features:

  • To simplify the workflow, several requirements could now be marked and linked simultaneously in agosense.fidelia when dragging and dropping requirements to Atlassian Jira. 
  • In addition, the "Create Task" button in the plugin has been replaced by a "Create" workflow validator. Thanks to the improved process control, the administrator can now specify exactly at which issue type in Atlassian Jira and at which status transition a task is created in agosense.fidelia. The creation of an agosense.fidelia task is no longer at the discretion of the user.
  • Furthermore, when displaying requirements in Atlassian Jira, attachments are now also displayed.

The operation of the new 1.8.15 Jira plugin requires agosense.fidelia 1.8.16+ based operation.

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