agosense.fidelia Features - Trace Columns

So far we have taken a look at the features "Integrated Change Management" and "Impact Warnings". 

"Trace Columns" add an important and helpful feature to the feature portfolio.

Traces are used to visually display relationships between different artifacts. 

Especially in view of the fact that projects are becoming more and more complex, it is helpful to have a function at hand that supports the user in clearly displaying the facts. With the help of this structured view an organized work - also distributed over teams - is enormously facilitated. Complex relationships can be better communicated. 

Traces to other objects are displayed in agosense.fidelia in a separate column directly in the so-called Sheet View (trace type, number of traces, ...).

To display test covers or missing traces, for example, you can filter accordingly. This is a significant improvement compared to the usual Traceability Matrix, since this overview is directly visible in the document (and can therefore be edited) and no separate window has to be opened for it. 

See for yourself

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