agosense.fidelia Features - Impact Analysis

In the previous blog article, we took a look at the "Integrated Change Management" feature. The changes that occur during a development process can affect all linked artifacts. In this article we want to deal with the impact analysis integrated in agosense.fidelia, which shows such effects and warns the user in time. 

Identifying in advance what impact a planned change will have is critical to ensuring smooth development, reducing or eliminating errors, and facilitating communication between collaborative teams. 

When configuring the data model - for example by using ready-made solution templates (e.g. based on the "V-Modell" or "ISO 26262") - dependencies between different artifact types are predefined (e.g: Stakeholder Requirement, System Requirement, Validation, System Test...). In the daily work the different artefacts are linked according to the defined rules and visualized via the traceability possibilities of agosense.fidelia.

Changes to single or multiple artifacts automatically generate a warning to linked artifacts. The warning contains information about the origin and content of the triggering change. Of course, a sheet can be searched or filtered for impact warnings.

Granular changes are recorded in "change sets" that can go through an iterative approval and commenting process before they are released and then become part of the base version. This history is always traceable and thus the basis of an audit-proof development process. 

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