agosense.fidelia 1.8.17 with new ISO 26262 template

The new version 1.8.17 is now available and contains besides a new version of the ISO 26262 template also other new features.

The new release 1.8.17 of agosense.fidelia contains the following improvements: 

  • Customers can now search for content in specific fields:
    The search function in agosense.fidelia has been further improved. It is now possible to limit the search to single fields or attributes and not only within the whole document.
  • User data can now be imported from a LDAP server.

The new version of the ISO 26262 template contains the following improvements:

  • Trace Matrix Report:
    We have now met the frequent requests for a trace matrix with a report. Even if our trace columns already display this information directly in the sheet view, the trace matrix provides an overview of all traces of a sheet in condensed form.
  • PDF Report containing traced node data:
    The PDF document export has been extended by the possibility to output the information from Trace Column including trace details (e.g. Node ID, heading, etc.).

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