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agosense.fidelia 1.8.11 available

agosense.fidelia 1.8.11 is available as of today.

We are happy to announce several substantial and important updates to agosense.fidelia concerning plug-ins, JDK, REST API and more. Please find a summary of changes here:

The main initiative for this release was a substantial improvement of the architecture for custom plug-ins including:

  • Ability to operate plug-ins outside the agosense.fidelia infrastructure to better suit SaaS architectures
  • Permission control for plug-ins
  • Security enhancements.

Other important improvements are:

  • Support for Oracle JDK/JRE 8 (152+)
  • Token authentication for the REST API
  • FIDELIA_JAVA_VM_OPTIONS environment variable was introduced to inject e.g. memory limitations
  • Feature set to restore deleted Folders, Sheets, Users and Groups
  • Improved admin UI with better sort and filter capabilities
  • Session clustering to suit clusters running behind balancers with no support for sticky sessions.

Breaking changes:

  • Master/Assignee properties on the REST API where removed in favor of Owner/Writer properties
  • Improved Seat/Float license control, new license keys will be required.

Deprecation announcements:

  • BASIC authentication for the REST API is deprecated and will be removed with the next release.

Checkout the agosense.fidelia ChangeLog for more detailed information.

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