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agosense.fidelia 1.8.11 available

agosense.fidelia 1.8.11 is available as of today.

We are happy to announce several substantial and important updates to agosense.fidelia concerning plug-ins, JDK, REST API and more. Please find a summary of changes here:

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Ralf Klimpke


Defect Management Automotive

Development cycles in the automotive industry are getting shorter and shorter, and the demands on quality and safety continue to rise. This is clearly shown in the current topics such as alternative engines or autonomous driving, which currently dominate the future of the automotive industry.

For communication as well as the exchange of information and data between automobile manufacturers on the one hand and the suppliers' development departments, this means close integration and a high coordination effort.

The core of this process is usually defined by the exchange of error messages that occur during product development. These must be regularly exchanged across company boundaries and changes have to be synchronized as soon as possible. This can be information about tests that are carried out at the supplier and what the customer is informed about, or the customer reports errors to the supplier in the course of his own validation.

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agosense.fidelia for free

We've developed agosense.fidelia into a mature and powerful requirements management tool, and our product does not have to hide from the big names in the market.

Now agosense goes another step forward and offers a full version for three users for free - agosense.fidelia for free!

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