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New features April 2020

In this blog post we would like to gather our news from the agosense.technote section for April 2020 - this time some new versions of existing adapters as well as the release of Microfocus ALM Octane. Below the headlines, you will find the most important changes in short form.

CA Agile (Rally) adapter version 4.5.3 available

  • Added high-level API

SMTP adapter version 4.3.2 available

  • Improved compatibility with agosense.symphony 3.2.1

Siemens Polarion adapter version 4.5.13 available

  • Improved cookie management

    PTC Integrity adapter version 4.5.26 available

    • Improved debugging capabilities
    • Enhanced management of secure connections

    BMW TAEESI adapter version 4.5.9 available

    • Special version 4.0.10 for agosense.symphony 3.0.1
    • Added support for MTAEESI project
    • Added retry for addAttachment 

    New Microfocus ALM Octane adapter (version 4.5.0) released

    • Initial version of the adapter 
    • Currently supports only defects
    • Can be expanded to support further item types as required by the customer

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