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agosense.symphony Updates February 2021

agosense.symphony 3.3.1 now available now

This release contains the new Adapter Framework, where all available Adapters are already included as kind of monolithic approach. This means you do not have to update the agosense.symphony Core and Adapters separately anymore - all updates on the 3.3.x version stream contain all the changes and new features to Core and Adapters combined.

What's new:

  • New Adapter Framework
    All available Adapters are shipped and installed with that version. In the UI only the licensed Adapters are visible/usable for you.
  • Live Dashboard
    Monitor all sync processes live including counts for synced items, failed items, etc. Also find all relevant information on past sync runs including statistics.
  • Persistence UI
    View & edit the content of the persistence database directly in the administration interface.
  • Support for Java 11
    You can run agosense.symphony now with the latest version of Java for most secure and performant operation.
  • Sync Templates
    Library of standard sync workflow definitions included. Using our predefined sync workflows reduces the configuration efforts down to a few minutes.

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