About us

agosense GmbH helps companies to connect their software and system development tools, to link their data and to get a better overview of the whole development process with the goal of optimising collaboration between the people, teams and companies involved since 2009.

The solution portfolio includes agosense.symphony (ALM Tool Integration & B2B Data Exchange) as well as agosense.fidelia (Requirements Management & Traceability).

The Tool Integration and Data Exchange Platform agosense.symphony connects the different disciplines and domains of product development (ALM, PLM, and ITSM) by using the concept of model based tool integration. To realize this, agosense offers a variety of integrations of common development tools, ALM platforms and business applications and continues developing. Furthermore agosense.symphony also enables an automated external data exchange across your whole B2B environment.

The Requirements Management Platform agosense.fidelia can also be deeply integrated into the existing development environment. Using the most modern architecture, it is highly performant, to deliver unique functions such as parallel document editing and true branching. An integral part of agosense.fidelia is the concept of change based requirement management. The creation and development of requirements documents is facilitated using a detailed change process and controlled release processes. It also allows linking and creation of traceability information even across tool boundaries. In addition, agosense.fidelia can be used as a data warehouse or central information platform for all related development activities.

We work together with our customers to develop sustainable custom solutions for improving the collaboration of people, teams and companies and for optimising their development processes. Along with improved product quality, our customers benefit from significant cost savings in licensing, administration and maintenance.

The following customers already rely on our innovative products, our excellent service and our years of experience:

The Management

Ralf Klimpke studied industrial engineering at the University of Technology in Esslingen.

He has worked in various positions since 1995, including at MKS GmbH (which became PTC in 2011), a supplier of Application Lifecycle Management tools. There he was responsible for the creation of an indirect operation channel for a product line.

Later, as Key Account Manager, his acquisition of many large companies as clients helped establish the company as a strong presence in the automobile branch.

Ralf Klimpke has work as a co-founder and Director of agosense GmbH since 2009, bringing with him about 25 years of industry experience in operations and marketing to the company.

Christian Middel studied buiness information systems at the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie Ravensburg).

During his studies he was already employed as a software developer for All For One Systemhaus AG, working later as a project leader in the Financial Software department.

He began working at MKS GmbH in 1999, a supplier of Application Lifecycle Management tools (which became PTC in 2011). There, he worked as Senior Consultant and, from 2006, as Head of the Service Department, responsible for the coordination and implementation of large projects.

He has been with agosense GmbH since 2009, as a co-founder and Director, drawing on over 20 years of experience in development, consulting and management.