Neue Features Februar 2020

In diesem Blogpost möchten wir unsere News aus dem Bereich agosense.technote - in diesem Fall diverse neue Versionen von bereits bestehenden Adaptern sowie das Release des Daimler / Mercedes-Benz STARC Adapters - für den Februar 2020 zusammenfassen. Unter den Überschriften finden Sie jeweils die wichtigsten Änderungen in Kurzform.

New Siemens Polarion adapter 4.5.9 available

  • Downgraded interface to support Siemens Polarion version 18
  • Corrected support for multi-value enums

New BMC Remedy ARS adapter 4.5.1 available

  • Optimized addAttachment Feature

New Intland Codebeamer adapter 4.6.7 available

  • Uses the swagger based V2 API
  • Exposes the data model into the agosense.symphony mapping module
  • Java high-level API

New Atlassian Jira adapter 4.0.10 available

  • Adapter supports comments with broken author information
  • Adapter supports multi-user pick fields which null references

New Daimler STARC Adapter Version 4.5. released

  • User ID/Name translation during session initialization
  • Visibility for all attachments
  • High-level Java API
  • Data model exposed to agosense.symphony mapping module
  • New agosense.symphony basic process template with additional mapper for Mercedes-Benz / Daimler STARC

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