ALM Tool Integration & B2B Data Exchange with agosense.symphony

Recording & presentation from March 24, 2020

More and more IT companies and manufacturers of complex systems are faced with the challenge of integrating tools from different domains within the development lifecycle into a continuous process chain.

How can you meet these challenges in terms of quality standards and development methods? How can you secure your investment into an established tool environment or get the best value out of your best-of-breed tool chain?

Additionally, data exchange with external partners – especially understanding the business process as well as the complexity of different data formats - are also challenging and extremely time consuming tasks.

Which rules and processes have to be applied to establish an automated data exchange? Which (standard) formats and systems are available or offered by the partner? What are the efforts for implementation and maintenance? How can data be transferred and stored in a reliable and secure way?

We will present a solution with our Tool Integration and Data Exchange Platform agosense.symphony. With agosense.symphony, you can integrate your existing development tools into a continuous process chain - from requirements management to system modeling, test mangement, change & defect management up to version control and many other disciplines - and as well exchange data with B2B partners using different data formats and supplier portal solutions like e.g. Daimler DanTe / STARC, VW KPM GSB, BMW TAESSI.