Data exchange with agosense.symphony

BMW TAEESI & Intland Codebeamer integration

Recording & presentation from September 24, 2019

BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and other car manufacturers are implementing changes in their supplier portals from time to time and now almost all OEM's are switching technologies to completely new platforms like for example BMW TAEESI or Volkswagen KPM GSB.

This is a perfect opportunity to implement a professional solution for data exchange and permanently replacing scripts or individual software.

 It is not a secret: The further development and maintenance of interfaces and integrations in general involves considerable effort. This problem is compounded by the complexity of data formats when data and documents are exchanged between external partners. 

How can you work with partners across company boundaries - in which formats and with what effort? What degrees of freedom are available in the selection of data formats and partner systems? How can the data be securely transferred and stored? 

The webinar will address the possibilities with a centrally provided solution for the automated exchange of development data in the automotive environment. We take a look under the hood of a data exchange between BMW TAESSI & Intland Codebeamer via our data exchange platform “agosense.symphony”, showing how error messages or open item lists can be automatically exchanged and how different data formats will be handled in project practice.