Traceability and deep integration with Atlassian Jira

Recording & presentation from November 27, 2019

Atlassian Jira is used in numerous companies to control product development - mostly by means of agile methods. But often it is necessary to specify products in detail or to consider customer requirements at the beginning of the development project and at the same time manage the implementation in an agile way. 

The coordination with clients (internal and external) as well as the users of a product must be carried out holistically and decoupled from the iterations of the development. This is the only way to ensure planning reliability and continuity throughout the entire product lifecycle.

In addition, traceability between requirements and other development artefacts is required as an essential component of the necessary compliance for regulated organizations. 

In this webinar we show how agosense.fidelia - our platform for Requirements Management & Traceability - harmonizes ideally with Atlassian Jira to optimally combine requirements management with agile development and to ensure traceability at all stages of the development process.